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Lavinia and the Nesting Box

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Nesting Box

Nesting Box

I will have eight pieces being shown at Yuta Powell Salon on Madison Avenue for the next week. Here are pictures of a few of them.



Years ago I saw the Julie Taymor movie Titus, and went into a delicious state of sensory overload. In particular, one gory image has stuck with me; that of the character, Lavinia, perched pitifully in a swamp. Her hands have been chopped off, and in their place are two little bundles of sticks.

 Lavinia side
I’ve drawn similar images a number of times, but the sculpture is new.

Jaw Bone

Here is a row of creatures on a very beautiful table. There seems to be a theme of armlessness that I wasn’t entirely aware of before I laid them out at home, preparing to pack them up. Only one of the eight has arms and hands attached. I’m going to try not to over analyze this.



This is me, arms and all, before the opening.

I’ve been busy working on new pieces and projects and must post more soon.


Faster, Tura! Kill! Kill!

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This is the third finger puppet I’ve made of my most beloved B movie star, the magnificent miss Satana.  This Astro Zombies version of Tura is my favorite thus far. I amused myself photographing her with a little plastic gun (a gift from one of Tom’s action figures), and a tiny cigarette made of string.

As I finished her up last night, while only half watching Astro Zombies, I remembered that I did a painting of Tura, 14 or 15 years ago in a high school art class, based on this poster:

And I’m pretty sure it was painted on velvet. I had the greatest high school art teacher.

The puppet’s top is, of course, removable.

Now go watch the movie trailer  You will die a thousand deaths! Hahaha!

Inspiration and it’s result

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Much of my vacation in Vienna last month was spent in museums. Extremely glorious museums. I was particularly pleased to find a small exhibition of Odilon Redon’s peculiar pictures at the Albertina. The Crying Spider is a drawing that I’ve always admired. It’s so odd and funny and also soulful.

I think it was the day before that I had found this six legged bit of brass at a flea market. Out of that, I built my own baleful spider, an ode to Odilon.

The spider puppet, shortly before coming out of the oven, sitting patiently in her baking dish craft.

Newly painted and adorned.

I took some vanity shots.

As seen from below.

 The spider afloat.

At the Albertina Museum, Vienna. ‘The Crying Spider’, Odilon Redon, 1881