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More Twinsies

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Faster, Tura! Kill! Kill!

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This is the third finger puppet I’ve made of my most beloved B movie star, the magnificent miss Satana.  This Astro Zombies version of Tura is my favorite thus far. I amused myself photographing her with a little plastic gun (a gift from one of Tom’s action figures), and a tiny cigarette made of string.

As I finished her up last night, while only half watching Astro Zombies, I remembered that I did a painting of Tura, 14 or 15 years ago in a high school art class, based on this poster:

And I’m pretty sure it was painted on velvet. I had the greatest high school art teacher.

The puppet’s top is, of course, removable.

Now go watch the movie trailer  You will die a thousand deaths! Hahaha!

Finger Puppet Vacation, Vienna 2012

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I thought I was going to get so much crocheting done while traveling last month. It did not come to pass.

I also had plans to photograph these little ladies in a number of locations. But after taking them sightseeing in Vienna, they spent the rest of the trip in a bag, forgotten in a hotel room. Oh well. At least there’re a teensy bit more worldly now.

Swanback ride

Griffin or Hippogriff?

Whichever it is, it’s a fearsome beast.

A vacation without a drag queen is just a drag.

Drag Friday

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Four drag queen finger puppets, three blonds goofing off at work




Off with her head!

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Marie Antoinette loses it.

So does Anne Boleyn.

Tonight: Crafting Cleopatra puppets

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Watching Liz Taylor as Cleopatra while working on two finger puppets for an order and endlessly eating clementines. Why does crocheting make me so hungry?