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The World of Dan Green, Part 1

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Before Father’s day ends (in about five minutes), I’d like to show you some of my father’s work. It was terribly difficult to choose images to put up, because there is much to choose from and I love them all, but for now I’ll share some dramatic paintings, all from the 2000’s. All oil on board or canvas.

The Bad Bunny

The Bad Bunny

Here is the Bad Bunny. He is the first of a series and has proven to be a terrific model.

Bunny, Paper, Scissor

Bunny, Paper, Scissor

Something ominous is happening here.


Sailing the Seven Seas

Alternate title: Ahoy and Farewell 


Tropical Hand Saw

Lush and gorgeous tools.


Blue Whisk


Dipping a Toe in the Rising Tide

This painting almost met it’s end in the oven, where my father had placed it to hasten the drying of the paint. Unaware of the oven’s content,my mother turned it to a high temperature to bake cookies. Ah, the smell of burning turpentine! I’m only surprised this hasn’t happened more often at my parent’s house.

king kat surveys a troubled world

King Kat Surveys A Troubled World

This painting hangs in my living room. Thank you, dad. One of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. XOX


Two Heads, etc.

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Two Heads, Bird Girl, Snowsuit, Ghost Mask

Conjoined Twins

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I read an article the other day about two little girls joined at the head. In the photographs they are facing away from each other slightly, necks bent awkwardly, both smiling. The article reported that the girls are able to see through each other’s eyes.


Three recent drawings

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