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Inspiration and it’s result

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Much of my vacation in Vienna last month was spent in museums. Extremely glorious museums. I was particularly pleased to find a small exhibition of Odilon Redon’s peculiar pictures at the Albertina. The Crying Spider is a drawing that I’ve always admired. It’s so odd and funny and also soulful.

I think it was the day before that I had found this six legged bit of brass at a flea market. Out of that, I built my own baleful spider, an ode to Odilon.

The spider puppet, shortly before coming out of the oven, sitting patiently in her baking dish craft.

Newly painted and adorned.

I took some vanity shots.

As seen from below.

 The spider afloat.

At the Albertina Museum, Vienna. ‘The Crying Spider’, Odilon Redon, 1881


Finger Puppet Vacation, Vienna 2012

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I thought I was going to get so much crocheting done while traveling last month. It did not come to pass.

I also had plans to photograph these little ladies in a number of locations. But after taking them sightseeing in Vienna, they spent the rest of the trip in a bag, forgotten in a hotel room. Oh well. At least there’re a teensy bit more worldly now.

Swanback ride

Griffin or Hippogriff?

Whichever it is, it’s a fearsome beast.

A vacation without a drag queen is just a drag.